Refurbish Your Feet

6 Modules

Lubricate Your Joints

Start off with getting your foot joints moving again with two exercises.

Restore Your Big Toe Movements

Let's get your big toes moving well again.

Update Your Walk

Restore the pushing action of your foot when it's behind you when you walk. Especially important if you have bunions or tight hip flexors.

Restore Your Arches

Two of the movements that most of us are missing are when we drop our arches to the ground and lift them back up again. These movements are the key to foot pain relief and getting your whole body working like an efficient machine.

Rebuild Your Foundation

Next we will restore the solid foundation your feet provide for your body.

Some Polish and Paint

What good is a refurbishing project without a bit of polish or a coat of paint to spruce it up? Polish up your foot restoration with better knee, hip and pelvis movements.

Modules for this course 6
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